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Community Wealth Redistribution Circle 

Since 2021,  these leaders from across the United States have gathered to center the power of community, trauma healing and dreaming towards a world centered around redistribution of wealth and resources. Through community dialogue, collective decision making and the action of giving and receiving, leaders reflect and co-create a vision of wellness for themselves and their communities.


We are our ancestors' wildest dreams and change starts with each of us. 

Support our Work

Your generous contributions will support the success of our Wealth Redistribution work.  Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.

Meet the 2021-2023 Cohort

Wealth redistribution has moved internal mountains within me. To give and receive freely, using money as a tool that liberates us all has been such a sweet medicine that I cannot even explain in words. Wealth redistribution recognizes our shared humanity - where you don't have to "earn" to receive. I have met such wonderful people within this group, and I am so beyond grateful and happy to have this community as a core foundational part of my life. The impact we've made on a collective level has been illuminating, and I have learned that no matter how much you give (or even receive), movements can be made.


With more than 20 years experience in academia–including the areas of community engagement and international education–Julie Hurst (she/her) brings an asset-based approach to relationship building, leadership development and storytelling. Having grown up in a household that modeled the importance of continuous learning, and a commitment to exposure to different cultures, Julie brings a sense of curiosity and deep community care to her work. As someone who has benefitted from the lasting impact of positive mentoring, she believes it is her duty to consistently invest in the total wellbeing of others. Engaging in wealth redistribution in such a collective and intentional way as with Narratives Unbound is one method for doing so while centering reciprocity, education, positive accountability, and healing from harm (and shame) associated with finances. We're reinvesting our energy while reimagining for a better future. 


All things human and healing have been a passion of mine since childhood. In an effort to put an end to the intergenerational cycles of addiction, abuse, trauma, and poverty ever-present in my family, I have prioritized a path of healing by helping remove the veils of oppression for myself and others. I do this by day through my human resources work where I help companies create more diverse, equitable, inclusive cultures of belonging. And on evenings and weekends by focusing all continued education on learning more about the historical trauma of money as a result of colonization, capitalism, and oppression, as well as self-decolonization methods and anti-oppression leadership education in an effort to become inclusivity embodied. 


Joining a wealth redistribution under Nafasi’s guidance was a no-brainer for me and an exciting next step in education, healing, and evolution. Being a part of a redistribution community has completely changed my life and opened my eyes to what is possible when we create safe (i.e. shame-free) spaces around money for both individuals and communities. Through our group work I have been able to decolonize my mindset around being able to ask and receive (talk about a journey!), and trust that there can be organized systems that genuinely have my back and care. The healing from that alone has elevated my view on what is possible for our society. I’m so excited for more people to experience this wonderful space.

Being a part of this redistribution community has added a major support system to my life. I am a part of something that not only I can benefit from, but that allows me to help others benefit as well. We are able to share stories, knowledge, and experiences which in turn helps facilitate healing & growth within a safe space.


I'm a child of immigrants who grew up on government assistance and community support. We got by on very little and what savings we had, we had in cash. As an adult, my response to these early experiences with money included a scarcity mindset where I was uncomfortable advocating for greater income for myself, ignorance of long-term financial planning, and general avoidance of anything money related. I made just enough to take care of my basic needs, but had no plan for the future. I was surviving financially, but I wasn't thriving. I have since begun a journey of healing from the past, learning in the present, and investing in the future. I find myself eager now to seek opportunities for wealth building as a tool for personal and community liberation. I could not have gotten to this point without the support of my wealth redistribution circle. My circle created an affirming space where I could both support others and feel supported. It provided accountability so that every month I would make progress. And, it brought me into a community of folks who show me every day how building and redistributing wealth can be a form of love, mutuality, and justice. Wealth is not out-of-reach, nor should it be hoarded. Instead, by redistributing wealth you'll be part of a larger movement, one that is creating a world where all people have what they need. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 7.36_edited.png

Sitting in circle with others who want to learn and practice wealth redistribution has helped me to address my own money traumas and to develop tools that honor the collective needs of our human community. Embracing this ritual of being with one another - and the simple practice of asking and receiving, has been and continues to be profoundly healing work.

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