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Noor Z, Financial Coaching Client, 2023

Nafasi is an incredible counselor. Her approach to financial coaching isn't just to talk about finances but to also focus on the other factors in your life that are impacting these decisions. I so appreciate this holistic approach because it does help build healthier habits. I feel seen, heard, and supported with Nafasi.

Kirsten S, Financial Coaching Client, 2023

One session with Nafasi gave me knowledge, reading resources (with homework), and an overwhelming sense of empowerment. I've been feeling like a victim of my financial circumstances and she gave me the tools and support to reimagine my future. Beyond that, Nafasi illustrated a world where we all help each other rise beyond our wildest dreams! I can't wait to work with her again :-)

Niela H, Let’s Talk Money! A Community Dinner Series 1, 2023

This experience gave me so much joy and gratitude for the present moments of life. The community, our stories, our inspirations, our commonalities, our differences, our connections. I really felt I belonged and could dream big around my visions for the next phases of this beautiful life.

The movement, liberation and joy, the settling and listening with our vessels. I could go on and on. MUST happen again. Loved every bit of it. 



Sonja, Owning Your Financial Future Workshop, 2020

Nafasi's course on financial education was absolutely incredible and I would recommend it to anyone. The course was extremely thorough, starting with the history of money and moving through to budgeting. This class left me with not only a broader understanding of money, economics, and personal finances, but also a hands on understanding of my own spending habits and a plan for the future. I also thought it was very important how issues of race and class were woven through the course, adding an even further level of intersectional understanding. I can't wait to take more classes with Nafasi as this course exposed how much I still have to learn and pushed me to start asking questions that I hadn't even considered.

Adult participant, Let's Talk! Race and Class Workshop

I liked seeing all the diversity here, that everyone connected in some type of way... it doesn’t matter what we look like, where we come from, how old we are, it was just wonderful to see everyone come together.

Teacher, Diversity Training Workshop 2018

The materials presented here will help me talk to my students about the history of race, discrimination and slavery.

Participant, Cultural Inception: Hip-Hop, Poetry and Spoken Word

The best aspect of the workshop was being able to hear from others and learn about their perspectives.

Adult Participant, Capstone Workshop April 2015

I think its interesting that we come here to talk about how we can break these divides, these divisions that divide us, and specifically about race and class, and I sit here and I look around at the circle and I see we all look so different, but at the end we all came together and we created beauty, together. That’s really cool because we are addressing the problem, but are also offering a solution.

Participant, Owning Your Financial Future Workshop

I came in knowing nothing and feeling lost about my finances. I really appreciated the breakdown of credit and retirement funds.

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