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Healing Through Financial Empowerment: A Journal Practice



Julie H.

When it comes to money, it can be challenging to sort out and find meaning in the stories we tell ourselves as well as those that we are told and are shown. The Money Affirmations Card Deck invites us into a space of exploration and reflection free from shame or even blame. I love the empowering messages that I get to speak over myself as well as the thought-provoking questions that encourage me to slow down and reflect. This hands-on approach has made my ongoing learning about my own money story much more effective. I look forward to introducing this card deck to others!

Customer Reviews


Caroline B

I’ve found the money affirmations card deck to be a valuable resource. I’ve added the practice of reading a few affirmations into my weekly routine. My favorite part of the deck are the thoughtful questions provided on the back of the cards. They’ve been a great way to initiate conversations with my partner about our financial health, values, and future, sparking some meaningful discussions between us.


Erika B.

Healing is something I don't think many people associate with finances, so it's eye-opening and refreshing to experience it in this way. The affirmations allow me to take an active role in manifesting positive outcomes instead of just dreaming and wishing, or worrying and complaining out of fear. The cards are great for personal use and should also be utilized in groups, in classrooms, at workshops, to help educate and empower.

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Niela H.

I brought this deck to my coaching cohort. Immediately everyone was so inspired and felt they could relate to the affirmation we pulled.


The questions stir curiosity and excitement and truly offer an opportunity to better relationships with money. Love love love it!

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Michele W.

What I love most about this deck is introducing new ideas. This morning the card said “Money is a source of joy and empowerment in my life, supporting my dreams.” And the thought provoking questions in the back…all anchored in optimism, joy and abundance. These are creating neural connections I’ve never had in my life. Ideas I never considered. It’s just a beautiful thing. I’m so thankful it’s great to just pick a card every morning and contemplate on that idea for the day. Today, instead of my usual stress mindset, I get to think about how money is a source of joy 🙂🙂 it’s truly a blessing!!

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Tanissha H.

My overall experience: I can see myself in the prompts meaning that I have been curious about what keeps me seemingly stuck and not making progress towards my personal financial goals. The prompts allows me to sit in silence and deeply reflect, affirm myself, celebrate and write in my journal.

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