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Educate to Liberate...

For much of my life, I have aspired to understand the purpose of education and its role as a liberatory process. My journey across theory and practice has shaped my desire to transform our perceptions of the world, and to change the ways in which we engage with one another.

Narratives Unbound is an extension of this desire. To courageously envision a world where individuals, families, and communities share in brave spaces and conversations to accept the past, heal the present and co-create a future full of intergenerational wisdom.

As the saying goes, Change is hard, but nothing great comes easy. As we enter into great uncertainty with a global pandemic and an end to an economic cycle, I believe that it is now more important than ever that we seek to learn from our history and from one another to use this time to create the world that we wish to live in.

I affirm that the stories we tell ourselves create and shape our futures. In chaos there is great opportunity. In this storm that is transforming our world we can use this time to refocus, get grounded, and get real about what is important. Above all is understanding the world and the responsibility we hold as living beings within it.

I believe that without understanding our racialized past, our economic systems and what we need to restore within ourselves we will continue to perpetuate the very inequities that we fight so hard to change. For example, our entire global economy operates on a credit and debt system, if you don’t understand how credit and money work then you cannot understand how our entire political-economic system operates.

As you engage in workshops, individual coaching, educational videos and our blog it is my hope that you will find value in what is shared and have hope for tomorrow. Together we will unbind our minds, explore the stories of our lives and develop new ways to see the world with a lens of clarity that will drive equity forward.

We look forward to continuing this journey of liberation with you.

Nafasi Ferrell

Principal Consultant/Founder


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