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Introducing the Young Leaders Institute

We are excited to share with you Narrative Unbound’s new program, the Young Leaders Institute!

The Young Leaders Institute is a virtual and national program that gathers young leaders, ages 18 – 22, from around the United States to invest in their professional development and support their journey toward becoming intergenerational stewards of radical healing in humanity.

Participants will learn skills for facilitating workshops through the peacemaking circle process, gain awareness around the theories and practices of racial equity to develop an anti-racist framework, and develop transferable career and life skills.

The cohort will begin with Level I and Level 2 training in the peacemaking circle model to ground participants' leadership in a non-violent practice.

Peacemaking circles are a structured form of dialogue based on indigenous values and principles. Circles foster a sense of community based on mutual respect with broad applications in many different contexts. They provide a way to bring people together, not only to have difficult conversations and work through conflict, but also to build and cultivate relationships in schools, organizations, neighborhoods, workplaces, families, and the criminal justice system.

LEVEL I: Basics of Peacemaking Circles Workshop (March – April 2021)

This workshop provides first-hand, immersive experiences in peacemaking circles. Participants will learn about the underlying values of the peacemaking circle process, theoretical frameworks, essential components, core principles, and practical applications.

LEVEL 2: Fundamentals for Facilitating Circles Workshop (April – May 2021)

This workshop will prepare participants to plan and facilitate basic talking circles within various contexts. Participants will learn to couple their experience from the Level I workshop with practices for facilitating the circle process.

After these trainings, participants will apply strategies of circle as they begin developing their own community workshops which will take place in the Spring and Summer of 2021.

Thank you to our 2021 Peacekeeper Trainers: Stephanie Sarantos and Pamela Taylor!

Your generous contributions will support the success of our Young Leaders Institute participants. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. Learn more about our current cohort of Young Leaders here.

Nafasi Ferrell

Principal Consultant/Founder


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