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Upcoming Workshop! Cultivating Wealth Expansion with Yeshe Chodron

Narratives Unbound and Synergy Healing Services is excited to bring you Cultivating Wealth Expansion.

Cultivating Wealth Expansion is a workshop designed for leaders who are enthusiastic about cultivating their wealth expansion from within while enjoying the safety of a like-hearted community where they are seen, heard, and honored. Trauma-sensitive principles are also honored here.

You are invited to join us to experience...

  • The importance of rest in your wealth expansion journey

  • Co-creation of nourishment for your wealth journey

  • Walk away with at least one potent tool you can rely on long-term

By the end of this workshop, you can expect to have a more expanded view of your wealth journey, and access to a simple tool you can rely on long-term. Yeshe is eager to share this profound conversation and time-tested tools with you.

Yeshe Chodron

Since consciously delving heart-first into the realm of soul growth at age 15, Yeshe has believed (and still does) that every one of us can live a life of fulfillment. Yeshe is a Master at soul growth who lovingly leads others through its many phases. Along the way, she has embraced a variety of professional and spiritual roles from the Shamanic Arts of multiple cultures to nursing in the US, and has been a guide of personal transformation since 1994. She is currently a member of the Wealth Redistribution Circles by Narratives Unbound, and is delighted to find it a safe space to share empowering connections, ideas for radical love that creates freedom, and trauma-informed support for wealth expansion.

June 1st

6:00PM - 7:30PM PST


The Price for this workshop is valued at $100. We invite you to register and pay what you can.


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