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Accessible trauma informed financial coaching for those who care about local communities and want to develop the know how to build a solid financial future for yourselves, your families, and your communities.

Together we can heal money trauma.

Together we can close the racial wealth gap.

Together we can change the world.

Are you ready to kick that scarcity mindset to the curb?

Isn't abundance what you really want? 

A life where you, your family, and your community do more than just survive - you truly thrive. 

Maybe you grew up in an underserved community where your family struggled to pay the bills and always fought to heal money trauma but could never quite get there...

Maybe you're experiencing your own money trauma, you've bought the lies that say you can't win against racial inequity, you've built a mountain of debt, or you're simply scared.

Afraid you'll never have enough. Terrified what you do have will all be taken away.

It's time to step into your generational power.

It's time to choose courage.

Take the path towards financial freedom. 

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At Narratives Unbound, we'll walk you through our proven Stages of Wealth Building so you can 1) understand the history of money, 2) know how to budget and manage resources, 3) begin the process of trauma healing, and 4) begin building and distributing resources so that you and your community can thrive.

You can be a part of advancing equity when you:

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Build the wealth you need to break the bonds of racial inequity and close the wealth gap. 

We should measure the prosperity of a nation not by the number of millionaires but by the absence of poverty, the prevalence of health, the efficiency of public schools, and the number of people who can and do read worthwhile books.” –W.E.B. DU BOIS - ON THE FUTURE OF THE AMERICAN NEGRO, MARCH 1953

1. Financial Coaching


From learning the history of money to taking the next steps in the proven Stages of Wealth Building, get the guidance you need from our trauma-informed lens.

2. Community Workshops

Financial education, the trauma of money, or your personal money script - join the workshop that fits your financial need. 

3. Wealth Redistribution

Ready to start making a difference with your money today? Rewrite the script when you save, invest, and redistribute the rest.

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