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Understanding money and the economy in which you live is vital for having a stable life. Our financial coaching provides the tools to increase your economic maturity and help preserve your generational wealth.


We offer multiple coaching packages to meet your specific needs. No matter where you are on your financial journey, whether you need help putting together a monthly budget, getting an emergency fund in place, saving for retirement or eliminating consumer debt, we're here to help.  



Every Narratives Unbound workshop is customized to address the specific needs, issues and goals of your community. These dialogue-based, interactive workshops use the arts, various forms of media, and history to ignite critical thinking, healing and change. Workshops can range from 1 – 6 hours.

As we can't change the world in a day, we must understand that these workshops will not ‘fix’ problems of racial and economic dynamics, but they will offer tools to continue constructive conversations and co-create next steps.

Volunteers at Food Bank


Through animated videos and in-person interviews, we deconstruct the systems of racial and economic equity to allow alternative and new narratives to emerge.

In addition, we work to heal the wounds of systemic injustice through building community, sharing resources in racial equity, expanding financial education and literacy, and practicing both deep listening and non-judgment.


All of our services are uniquely customized to the specific needs of the individual, organization or group. Service fees vary based on the tools and strategies used to support transformation and learning.

Contact us today for more information on pricing and to discuss how we can best collaborate on your journey toward equity.

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