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'FROM HERE' at Human Rights Watch Film Festival

'FROM HERE' at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival:

FROM HERE, a powerful documentary from Christina Antonakos-Wallace, shifts the narrative about who is allowed to belong. This film is a hopeful story of four artists and activists based in Berlin and New York: Tania, Sonny, Miman and Akim.

Featured in this year's Human Rights Watch Film Festival, you're invited to the digital premiere of FROM HERE tomorrow, Thursday, June 11. You can also join the free Q&A session on Sunday, June 14, featuring filmmaker Christina Antonakos-Wallace and other special guests.

Spanning a decade in two of the world’s largest centers of immigration, this sensitive and

nuanced documentary offers four distinct visions of resistance and resilience, showing not only their struggle, but their enormous power. They redefine what it means to “belong” in societies that are increasingly hostile to their existence.

Don't miss the digital premiere of FROM HERE!

Reserve your ticket to watch the film here. Tickets are $9 and include a 24-hour viewing period. The digital premiere is Thursday, June 11, and the live Q&A takes place on Sunday, June 14 at 5:00pm PST. Register here!


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